The Waveney Trees Team

Alan Garnham is married to Joan. Alan has been a tree surgeon for over 39 years since he left the army (East Anglian’s). The Garnham family have been timber men for many generations. Alan is an East of England Tree Felling Champion and rated in the top ten in the UK Logging Championships.

Kristian Garnham is Alan’s son and the next generation tree surgeon with over 15 years’ experience. He was a Junior UK Logging Champion and is rated in the top ten of the in The UK Logging Championships. He also held the British record for speed change of bar and chain on a chain saw. He is also the previous winner of the East of England Felling Championships and represented the UK in Europe for the logging championships. He organises the work calendar as well as being the main tree surgeon.

Michael Rockingham joined the team six years ago after spending time in Australia as a tree surgeon. Michael is the main stay on the ground guiding the climbers and controlling the lowering of heavy timbers. Whilst competing in the East of England Championships he won an event in logging.

Joan Garnham does not climb trees! Joan is the administrator and general factotum. She will probably be your first point of contact on the telephone or e mail. She has had many years’ experience running companies but got involved with trees when she met and married Alan in 2005. She is now often a judge for the UK Logging Championships. The competition measures speed, accuracy, precision and safety.

Nicholas Wells is our second in command groundsman, learning the ropes in how to become a top rigging expert. Nick has all the attributes needed for a top groundsman hard working , good saw control and awareness to keep the members around him safe.

Andrew Greenfield Andrew recently joined the team and is a budding climber. After qualifying he is a speed demon in getting around the tree.

Shay Bagley is our youngest member of the team. Our college apprentice is flying through the ranks and hitting top grades in his class, learning frantically from our most experienced staff to be to be the next climber of Waveney Trees.

Seth Underwood in the industry for a few years now and establishing himself as a solid groundsman, in learning how to perform well with each of our climbers needs and to keep the site a clean and safe place for all our staff to work in

Andy Sparks ( Aka Sparky ) has been in the industry since 2019 after a long stint in the RAF Andy has the cool head needed in the tough situations given, after passing all his qualifications to become an arborist he is now gaining as much experience as possible.

Freddie Potter is another young apprentice. Starting college in September 2020 to become a plumber, electrician , tree surgeon, is our natural born worker head down do the job no fuss, our jack of all trades joins our lads on jobs to gain experience in the world and to enjoy not being at home on video games.

We are extremely proud of the Waveney Team. We are always on the look out for new members of the team who understand the high standards we require.
Please contact us if you are interested.